GoDaddy Changes its Image

Despite’s history of racey commercials sexualizing women (as discussed in my last post: smart meets sexy?), they recently announced that this image would be changed.

In a USA today article,’s chief of marketing Barb Rechterman explained the plan to create a new image for the brand. One quote from Rechterman in the article really showed why this rebranding endevour is needed:

“We are the world’s largest Web hosting provider, and nobody knows that,” says Rechterman. “We need to change the messaging.”

The image that has created in the past overshadowed what they actually do. I for years did not even know what was. All I knew was that their commercials were kind of offensive. I suppose that some companies will do anything to get noticed – like showing half naked girls on their commercials. But that tactic still leaves a lot to be desired by consumers, like what the company/brand/product actually has to offer them.

According to the article, however, brand consultant Laura Ries doesn’t understand the move to rebrand. In the article she says:

“Why would anyone want to change what is working and what has been so memorable?” asks Laura Ries, a brand consultant. “Should Aflac dump the duck? Should Corona move to a lemon instead of a lime?”

Although I understand the sentiment “don’t fix what isn’t broken,” I think comparing GoDaddy’s usage of attractive women is a little different than Aflac’s usage of a duck. Sure the usage of women is memorable, but it also leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Of course, I don’t know exactly what GoDaddy is thinking, but maybe they are just trying to be take a little more seriously by consumers. Maybe they think their main selling point should be their actual success, not a bunch of scantily clad women who have nothing to do with what actually is.